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Dave's Space

5 April
Male. Born April 5. Aries. Mexican. Speaks Spanish and English. Son of a Pastor/Reverend. Computer Analyst. Software Engineer. Geek. Fashionist. Bookworm. Night owl. Likes traveling a lot. The eldest of 4 siblings. Wants to be a translator and chef. Loves Pop music. Loves Rock&Roll. His friends are everything to him. Winter is his favorite season. Shopaholic. Sarcastic and bitchy. Would love to play the violin. Loves to cook. Great cooker. Huge Harry Potter fan. Delusional. Harry/Hermione shipper. Ravenclaw with an Slytherin mind. Twilight hater. Gleek. Loves REAL Vampires. Loves Anne Rice. Reads a lot. George/Izzy. Reid/JJ. Dawson/Joey. Criminal Minds, Glee, The Big Bang Theory, CSI, Desperate Housewives, Skins, Dawson's Creek, Charmed and some others are his favorite TV shows.

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